Dropbox Launches Native eSig with HelloSign

Keeps things flowing—and secure—all in one place

Dropbox and HelloSign can help you get key documents signed fast, all with the added benefit of an audit trail—the proof of where and when the document was signed. Audit trails have been shown to reduce contractual arguments and disputes, arguably making an e-signature even more powerful than its handwritten counterpart.


Illustration showing Send for Signature section of Dropbox Open with menu, with HelloSign displayed.

Using Dropbox and HelloSign together as a one-stop shop helps you swiftly turn a contract from a first draft to a final, legally signed PDF. Meanwhile, your signed copies are automatically saved back to your folders within Dropbox.

Here’s how it’s done

When you’re ready to add an electronic signature to an important document in Dropbox, just select the PDF or Word doc you want signed, and you’ll see an Open menu where you can instantly select HelloSign.

Your document will then open within HelloSign, so you can send it for signature in just a few quick clicks. Your electronically signed documents are automatically stored back in the same original Dropbox project folder as a signed copy.

Dropbox and HelloSign work together to make the signing process seamless, secure, and organized.

All the documents relevant to that project are now organized in Dropbox and stored safely in the cloud. You can then use Dropbox permissions to control who has access to the signed documents.

Illustration showing document workflow between Dropbox and HelloSign: 
1. Create and send in Dropbox 2. Sign in HelloSign 3. Retain in Dropbox

Create seamless e-signature workflows with Dropbox and HelloSign

Use together, Dropbox and HelloSign are uniquely designed to streamline the e-signature process.

Dropbox Announces Australian Data Residency of HelloSign

Following the investment Dropbox made in June 2019 to establish a local hosting environment built within the AWS Sydney Region, HelloSign customers will also have the option to store completed documents in Australia. This feature is available on the HelloSign Enterprise Plus and HelloSign API Platinum plans.

“With a mature and digitally savvy business landscape, Australia is a highly strategic market for HelloSign. The current climate has seen demand for our eSignature solution soar, as businesses swiftly adapt to new ways of working and doing business. We are fortunate to be in a position to help our customers and we hope this investment will make it even easier for them to keep their businesses up and running,” says Whitney Bouck, COO of HelloSign.

HelloSign has Landed

A trusted company with a human touch

HelloSign is recognised as a leader in the $25Bn eSignature market. Against it’s much larger competitors, HelloSign is now ranked #1 across 14 categories; including Would Recommend, Ease of Doing Business, Ease of Setup, Ease of Use, Ease of Admin and Support Quality. 


HelloSign strives to be the perfect eSignature tool for SMBs of all shapes and sizes (and at a small-business friendly price).

Some of the most popular features for small businesses are:

  • Team management tools to give you the ability to add, remove or upgrade team members easily.
  • Automated email reminders so no documents ever slip through the cracks.
  • Real-time notifications of document status so you know exactly when something has been signed.
  • Reusable templates to cut down on repetitive formatting of documents.
  • Easily shareable templates to use among team members.
  • In-person signing making it simple to sign documents on the spot using an iPad or touchscreen mobile device.

Why become a HelloSign reseller?

As an eSignature market leader, HelloSign represents a great opportunity for resellers to add value and differentiate themselves from the pack. The product itself is very admin-friendly and secure, making it the perfect tool to deploy to to your customers.




"After trialling a number of e-signature solutions we have implemented Hellosign into our business and it couldn’t have been easier. The integration with Dropbox is excellent allowing us to quickly prepare and send documents for signing in a fraction of the time and also find the receivers have no trouble getting the signature completed without any guidance required from us. The ability to resell Hellosign has given us a great opportunity to present an easy to use solution to our customers at a very competitive price.” 

Matt Gravestocks

Managing Director, Murray Computers

Further Reseller benefits include

Recurring licence Revenues

  • Annuity licensing available to partners
  • Land and expand opportunities for future growth

Professional Services Revenues

  • Solution Configuration
  • End-user training
  • Ongoing support
  • Third-party integration options (Salesforce, O355, Dropbox)

Quick average engagement turnaround

  • 42% of deal cycles <30 days
  • 90% of deal cycles <90 days

Very healthy margin opportunity, 20% per licence sold!

Create a Unique Experience


Create a delightful signing experience

​​Add intelligence to your documents, so your signers enjoy a faster and more intuitive signing experience. Documents with logic and data validation prevent signers from adding incorrect data, misinterpreting requirements, or missing fields entirely.


Simplify document and team management

​​Account admins have complete control and visibility over documents, templates, branding, and team usage. They can empower multiple teams within an organisation to use eSignatures based on their unique requirements.​


​​Leverage actionable insights

​​Stay in the know with dashboards that show signature status and insight into how your organisation is using eSignature. With data at your fingertips, you can make smarter decisions that speed up document turnaround times and increase document completion rates.

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